Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

[Self-Portrait] ENDLOS_schleife - eine Hommage

Take my ego for a ride 'cause there's nobody by my side
It's getting hard to justify and it won't be long till I collide
My weakness laid bare as people stop and stare
But it's the last time I swear

It's hard to reconcile what I've become
With the wounded child hiding deep inside

Breathe underwater, I'm comin' up for air
I wanna see another dawn, comin' up for air
Sick of the slaughter, I'm comin' up for air
'Cause I've been floating here too long

Stop breathing

(Placebo - "Breathe underwater")


I will brush off all the dirt
And I will pretend it didn't hurt
No fun if you are a cheap and nasty fake
And I am the bones you couldn't break
Break, break, break, break, break, break, BREAK!

(Placebo - "Battle for the sun")


So I haven't given up
But all my choices, my good luck
Appear to go and get me stuck
In an open prison

Now I'm trying to break free
Being in a state of empathy
Find a true and inner me
Eradicate the schism

No one can take it away from me
And no one can tear it apart
'Cause a heart that hurts is a heart that works

(Placebo - "Bright Lights")


All of my wrongs and all my wicked ways
Will come back to haunt me, come what may
For all of the songs I hope to write some day
Looks like the devil's here to stay

I've been wasting all my time with the devil in the details

(Placebo - "Devil in the Details")


Breathe me every time you close your eyes
Taste me every time you cry
This memory will fade away and die
Just for today breathe me and say goodbye

How many times? How many times?

(Placebo - "Happy you're gone")


They're pickin' up pieces of me while they're pickin' up pieces of you
Lying on ice you will be before the day is over
It's a case in point baby that you never thought it through
Stupid me to believe that I could depend on stupid you

And on the tip of my tongue
Were words that always came out all wrong

(Placebo - "Kings of medicine")


You can run but you can't hide
Because no one here gets out alive
Find a friend in whom you can confide
Julien, you're a slow motion suicide

slow motion suicide

(Placebo - "Julien")

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  1. ich liebe deine Selfs!
    in Kooperation mit den Songtexten - tolle Serie :)